Wong Shun Leung Ving Tsun Kung Fu UK. Direct Ving Tsun Wing Chun Kung Fu Academy.Sifu Jim Halliwell . Schools Located in Todmorden,Hebden Bridge,Rochdale,Burnley,Bacup, Manchester,Stockport,Bradford,Hull,Halifax, and now New Zealand.

Direct Ving Tsun Kung Fu(Wong Shun Leung Method) all aspects of Wing Chun.Siu Nim Tau(Sil Lim Tao),Cham Kiu (Chum Kil), Biu Ji (Bil Ji),Muk Yan Jong Luk Dim Boon Gwan (Six and a half point pole form), Baat Jaam Do. Jim Halliwell 0791287281

Direct Ving Tsun Academy--- Beginners Courses

Direct Ving Tsun Academy (The Centre of Excellence)

 The Direct Ving Tsun academy is proud to announce its first beginner’s course of 2011, later in the year than normal as we have just relocated the academy to a new more suitable location (check out the photos page). If you have ever thought about taking lessons in Ving Tsun / Wing Chun then this course is a must! If you have done Ving Tsun / Wing Chun before and are looking for new beginning then look no further. Our enrollement evening will take place at the Direct Ving Tsun academy's training room "The Centre Of Excellence", located at Vale Street Todmorden. New course's start every few weeks so e mail Jim Halliwell now jhvt@gmx.com and come and see what we have to say, look at the syllabus and structure and expertise of the instructors you will be working with. The “intro” course will take place weekly over a period of 10 weeks included in this course is a grading with the chief instructor Sifu Jim Halliwell where you will receive your grading certificate and will be encouraged to attend further training now that you are more conversant with Ving Tsun. If you are interested and intend to attend let us know, or if you require  further details  use the contact button on the left of the website, we look forward to meeting you.  Remember every great journey involves you taking that first step!

You can download an application form from the Documents link on the left.






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