Wong Shun Leung Ving Tsun Kung Fu UK. Direct Ving Tsun Wing Chun Kung Fu Academy.Sifu Jim Halliwell . Schools Located in Todmorden,Hebden Bridge,Rochdale,Burnley,Bacup, Manchester,Stockport,Bradford,Hull,Halifax, and now New Zealand.

Direct Ving Tsun Kung Fu(Wong Shun Leung Method) all aspects of Wing Chun.Siu Nim Tau(Sil Lim Tao),Cham Kiu (Chum Kil), Biu Ji (Bil Ji),Muk Yan Jong Luk Dim Boon Gwan (Six and a half point pole form), Baat Jaam Do. Jim Halliwell 0791287281

The 12 month option

What is "The 12 month Option"?

It is possible to learn Ving Tsun  in 12 months! let me clarify this statement.To complete the system in 12 months requires dedication from you the student and me the teacher, you will need to train with me for one two hour session per week and be prepared to work hard not only work hard in this two hour session but also train in your own time too. The Direct Ving Tsun Academy has a very different approach to Ving Tsun and teaching. I don't waste time teaching you pointless non efficient techniques that just don't work!   I have a proven track record of producing top quality Ving Tsun exponents time and time again molding students correctly into sophisticated weapons and perfect examples of Ving Tsun. This is no easy option at all but is the perfect fast-track solution to learning Ving Tsun. if you have any questions contact me now on jhvt@gmx.com. If you are interested in what standard is attained after 12 months i have examples of students at four months training and some at 10 months training and your are welcome to see them in action.

We also now offer more flexible options for people that live further afield.






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